Archer Software
Who We Are
Archer Software is an independent software development company providing software solutions for business and entertainment as well as other web design and development services.

Best known for the HR Tools applicant tracking system, we are also a development partner with CBS Sports. Our CBS products for fantasy football and baseball include "Ultimate Breakdown", "Record Book", and "Dashboard".

Draft Blast is a tool that allows you to simulate a draft with your actual CBS league. Using the draft settings already set in your league, everyone is automatically be slotted exactly as they will be in your live draft.

Ultimate Breakdown provides an in depth look at a fantasy team's performance relative to all other league teams in each scoring category. A useful tool for those looking for that extra edge against their competition.

Dashboard gives fantasy players seven different graphical and table view analyses of their team compared to their weekly opponenets, and the league as a whole, on one page.

If you have suggestions for other apps that you would like to have for your fantasy baseball or football teams, please let us know.